DIY // Wall Grid

13 February 2017

Before moving into my house I was glued to Pinterest, searching for cute (and cheap) ways to decorate my bedroom. It seemed that with every other click a wall grid would crop up and of course, that meant I needed one. I found that many websites were selling their own versions of these but I couldn't find one that wasn't crazy overpriced, so I took matters into my own hands and did a touch of DIY!

Images from Pinterest
This was ridiculously simple to make and cost just a fraction of the price compared to online retailers. To make one all you will need is some mesh panel (you can grab one of these from your local hardware store or garden centre) and some spray paint - of course I went for copper.

OOTD // Humbug

6 February 2017

What I'm Wearing
Black, roll neck, long sleeve t-shirt // Primark
Monochrome striped trousers // Miss Selfridge
Coat // H&M
Copper heeled boots // Primark

Full Face of Favourites: January

23 January 2017

As I'm writing this I am currently at home on Christmas break and that means I only have a makeup bag's worth of makeup. Being the addict that I am it takes me a while to pick and chose what few products are coming home with me. Despite squeezing in enough makeup to last a few years into my poor bag, I have ended up wearing pretty much the same makeup look everyday made up of all of my current favourites. See what I'm loving in this Full Face of Favourites!
E45 // Moisturising Lotion
NYX // Mineral Stick Foundation
Soap and Glory // Solar Powder
NYX // Taupe Blush (contour)
Mac // Soft and Gentle Highlight
Nars // Deep Throat Blush

Urban Decay // Sin Primer Potion
Maybelline // On and On Bronze Colour Tattoo
Morphe // 350 Palette
Maybelline // Lash Sensational Mascara

Soap and Glory // Brow Archery
Benefit // 5 Gimme Brow

Mac // Modesty Lipstick

Jeans Appreciation Post

16 January 2017

I have a feeling these jeans are going to split opinions but I'm a little bit in love. I have been searching for a pair of jeans just like these for the longest time but until now I've failed to find some that don't completely break the bank. For just £16 from George at Asda I couldn't leave the store without these (despite my mum informing me how hideous they are!). These jeans are boyfriend style, so loose fitting, and come with various bits of embroidery. So, do you love or hate them?
Pick some up for yourself here.

Ebay Bargains // £1.99 Brush Set

9 January 2017

Who doesn't love a good bargain? Late one night I found myself scrolling through the world of makeup on EBay and amongst the thousands of knock-off Naked Palettes I found this brush set. At just £1.99 with free UK delivery I felt like I couldn't not at least try these out. I am ridiculously lazy when it comes to washing my makeup brushes so when it comes to finding a clean blending brush I almost always have no hope so this set of four multipurpose brushes are a god-send. 
For just under 50p each I wasn't expecting the hairs to feel so soft and for them to do such a good job. Yes I'm sure after a few washes they may start to look a little worse for wear but right now I am pretty happy I picked these up. As I mentioned before the kabuki style means this brushes are multipurpose - I'm currently using the slightly angled brush to apply concealer under the eye and love the finish.

If you're interested in picking a set up for yourself you can find them here!

OOTD // Primark Pieces

1 January 2017

Maxi Dress // Primark
Leather Jacket // Primark 
Glasses // Specsavers
Earrings // Pandora

University Bedroom Tour #3

10 October 2016

I'm now in my final year of uni. So so scary. 100% not ready to be a teacher yet but it seems that time is FLYING. Another year means another bedroom tour. It's so important to make your uni bedroom into a home away from home. And, personally, I love what I've done with the place...
Pictures: Etsy // Cushions: Homebase, Asda Home, IKEA // Bedding: Primark
Desk: Ikea (Spray painted legs copper) // Chair: Ikea // Lamp: Homebase // Mirror: Independant French shop // Laptop tray: Ikea // L Plate: Asda Home // Stuff on shelves: Various shops
Plant and pot: Homebase // Mirror: Ikea // Mat: Ikea // Box: Ikea
Notebooks: Sainsbury's and Zoella Lifestyle
& sign: Primark // Ring pot: Tiger // Print: Paperchase // Frame: Ikea
Harry Styles Print: Online Shop
Copper notice board: DIY // Lights: Primark
Chalkboard: Primark // Acrylic holders: Primark // Glass: Disney Land Paris // Old candle ceramic: Zara Home (All on top of Ikea Alex 9 Draw)
 Diffuser: Zoella Lifestyle // Picture frame and print: Paperchase // Candles: Primark, New Look and Yankee Candle

See my previous room tours:

September Faves!

3 October 2016

*Insert typical monthy favourites intro here 'this month flew by... blah blah blah*. Now let's skip to the good bit.
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CLARINS // INSTANT LIGHT NATURAL LIP PERFECTOR: So this month I found myself on a ferry for 6 hours heading to France. So what do you get when you find a beauty blogger anywhere near duty free? Impulse buys, lots and lots of impulse buys, one of which was this little beauty. For £24 I bought a set of two of the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors - so a bargain right?! I have been wearing the heck out of these, especially at work as they give the perfect 'no makeup makeup' look. I've also noticed that my lips look so much healthier since using them too.

KIKO // GRAPEFRUIT PINK WATER EYESHADOW: I've been trying *trying being the key word here* to be braver with eyeshadow recently and one of the least daring of the colours I have picked up is the Grapefruit Pink water eyeshadow by Kiko. This colour is so gorgeous and a lot more wearable than I first thought. It looks so different in different lights with the gold shimmer than runs through it. You can see a FOTD featuring this little beauty here

MAC // SOFT AND GENTLE HIGHLIGHT: I have wanted this highlight forever. I finally bought it and it did not disappoint. This is gorgeous. I love being able to apply it with a light hand for a super natural shine or just piling it on for a night out. I can't believe it took me so long to add this highlight to my collection.

KIKO SMUDGE STICK // 03: I love makeup that is fuss free on a day to day basis. This is so so simple to wear and it blends so easily! I just apply it all over the eyelid and a bit underneath the eye then smudge it out using my finger and I'm good to go. Plus the colour is lovely, you can't really go wrong with a bronzey brown.

SWATCHES TOP - BOTTOM: Soft and Gentle // Pink Grapefruit // 03

MAYBELLINE // INSTANT ANTI AGE FOUNDATION: This was another holiday purchase and yes, I will admit, the only reason I bought it was because I knew I couldn't get it in England (I can always find a way to justify purchasing makeup). That being said I have always loved this product's sister, the under eye concealer, so I did have high hopes. This foundation is ideal for day to day wear as it has a light, dewy finish, and I have been reaching for it an awful lot this month.

CALLIGRAPHY: I have always been in awe of people that can write in modern calligraphy. I think it is just gorgeous so I got very excited when I was watching Lilly Pebbles vlog and she mentioned this book. Of course I had to order is ASAP and now here I am with a new obsession. I am by no means an expert (in fact I can barely write the alphabet) but I'm enjoying trying out a new skill.

What have you been loving this month?

The Body Shop // The Butter Of All Butters*

26 September 2016

When it comes to body butters no brand does it quite like The Body Shop. Whether your a fan of floral, fruity or creamy they've got it all. Since 1992 The Body Shop have revolutionised how we take care of our skin, growing their range from 3 to 17 different fragrances. You may well be, just like me, a massive fan of the Body Shop body butters (quite frankly, you would be silly not to be) but are you aware of how much your individual purchases are helping to change the lives of communities? Your love for beautiful skin has helped fund clean water pipes and wells in Ghana, provide better housing and education and even provided the women of Morocco with a fair and regular income. 

So from now on NEVER underestimate the power of your beauty cabinet - try to source your beauty products from brands that are not only good but that DO good, just like The Body Shop.

My aim for this weeks post is to spread the world about The Body Shop's new movement: #INOURHANDS and their goal to ENRICH NOT EXPLOIT... and to encourage their customers to play their part to help make the world a better place for all.

Making the smallest changes to our lives can have a massive impact on the world we live in. We, like them, can impact others lives for the better. Whether it be trying meat free Mondays or having 3 minute showers - it can all help! Share what you are changing with The Body Shop on Twitter @TheBodyShopUK using #INOURHANDS and you will be entered into a prize draw to win the trip of a lifetime to see first hand just how The Body Shop are enriching lives plus a donation will be made to the World Land Trust to protect 1x1m of endangered rain forest. Find out more at:


 *products were gifted for the purpose of this post: all opinions are my own*

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